Vertical CombustorTM

Turning waste into fuel for perfect combustion

SLA Combustion Method – Turning waste into dried solid residues and combustible gas

The Vertical Combustor employs ‘SLA Combustion Method’ invented by Plantec Inc., parent company of Plantec Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Waste fed into the Vertical Combustor (left image) is dropped to the primary combustion chamber by gravity. The waste in the primary combustion chamber is partially combusted (carbonized) and pyrolyzed (combustible gas is generated) due to the Super Low Air ratio primary combustion air (λ=0.1 – 0.4) supplied from the bottom.

Waste is continuously fed into the furnace by automated feeding system, hence the new waste dropped on top of the waste layer (Drying Zone) is completely dried by high temperature pyrolysis gas coming up from Pyrolysis Zone. The dried, carbonized solid wastes are fuel-like solid materials. Therefore they can be combusted easily in the Burning Zone. Due to long retention time in the Ember Burning Zone and Final Burning Zone (ash layer), all the unburned solid residues are then completely burned out and turned into ash. Incineration ash is then intermittently discharged to a water sealed ash conveyor installed at the bottom of the furnace.

At the mean time, combustible gas generated through pyrolysis process is further combusted in the upper part of the furnace (freeboard) by secondary combustion air. This two-stage combustion optimizes minimal generation of harmful substances in flue gas.

The Vertical Combustor enabled pyrolysis process happens within the furnace without using supplemental fuel. The uniqueness of this technology: Solid residues and flue gas are combusted separately in a single system; which has merits and advantages that conventional incinerators don’t.

Technical features

  • Contact ratio of waste and air is optimized
  • Efficient drying process by pyrolysis gas
  • Low dioxin emissions by using two-stage combustion
  • Fully automated control

Commercial advantages

  • No auxiliary fuel is required (less operation cost)
  • No waste pre-treatment is required
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal mechanical problems (less maintenance cost)
  • Ideal for small land area

Suitable for various types of waste

  • Medical Waste
    > 4,000 kcal/kg
    > 16.7 MJ/kg
  • Industrial Waste
    > 3,500 kcal/kg
    > 14.6 MJ/kg
  • Municipal Waste
    > 2,000 kcal/kg
    > 8.3 MJ/kg
  • Watery MSW
    < 1,500 kcal/kg
    < 6.2 MJ/kg
  • Sludge
    < 1,000 kcal/kg
    < 4.1 MJ/kg

Flue Gas Treatment

Turbo Chemical Baghouse

  • A uniquely high-performance dry-type chemical reaction dust collector designed by Plantec
  • Pre-coated chemical shield on filter bags ensures higher chemical reaction efficiency
  • Extended filter life due to pre-coated chemical shield that provides protection against acidic gases
  • Met EU emission standards

Plantec Asia Pacific

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Excerpt from the TV program

Video 1: The latest trend in waste disposal

Excerpt from the TV program

Video 2: R&D story of the Vertical Combustor

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